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              CGMA held Secretariat thematic work meeting
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              The afternoon of January 7, 2015, China General machinery industry association (CGMA) held thematic work meeting of Secretariat. All the staff of CGMA’s headquarter and secretary-generals and department heads of CGMA’s sub-association attended the meeting.


              The meeting was presided by Mr. Zhang Yubao, executive deputy chairman and secretary-general of CGMA. Mr. Qian Jiaxiang, CGMA’s deputy secretary-general, reported the preparation of the work programme for the "Thirteen-Five" development plan and to promote general machinery and energy equipment going work programmes; Mr. Song Yinli, Deputy Secretary-General's reported the seventh summary and eighth proposal of  "China International fluid machinery exhibition"; Mrs. Yang Jie, director of nternational Cooperation Department reported work on 2015 ACHEMA exhibition organization and foreign exchange.


              Mr. Sui Yongbin, chairman of CGMA’s presidium attended the meeting and gave an important instruction on the above works.


              As 2015 key thematic works of CGMA, the above works has been researched and arranged during the meeting.

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