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              CGMA held Secretary-General democratic life meeting
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              On January 6, 2015, according to the proposal posted by Mr, Sui Yongbin, Chairman of China General machinery industry association (CGMA), the Secretary-General democratic life meeting was held as plans. The formal layout of the democratic meeting was make on December 13, 2014 on Secretary-Generals of the enterprise, responsible, self-motivated and self reflection, analysis in the spirit of unity and cooperation.


              Secretary-General and deputy Secretary-Generals of CGMA and Secretary-Generals of some sub-associations of CGMA attended the democratic life meeting, respectively talking about their problems not achievement, taking the clear-cut stands to improve their work and giving comments to each other. Chairman Mr. Sui Yongbin presided the meeting, giving his comments to particular Secretary-Generals


              Democratic life meeting achieved the desired results, and will promote CGMA’s secretariat work style improvement.

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