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              Welcome to China General Machinery Industry Association!



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              Organization Chart of China General Machinery Industry Association

              General Assembly of Member Representative Council Standing Council Secretariat


              Comprehensive Department 

              Comprehensive plan; internal coordination and management; financial affairs; Party-Masses work; administrative affairs; logistics service 


              HR Department 

              HR management, education, training, labor & capital 


              Information Department

              Collection & analysis & research of marketing statistics; analysis and prediction of market; development plan


              Science & Technology & Standard Department

              Science & Technology; Standard & Criterion; quality


              International Cooperation Department

              Exchanging idea and cooperating with foreign enterprises and associations; import and export


              Exhibition Department

              Host China International Fluid Machinery Exhibition; Overseas exhibition 


              Work Committee of Experts 


              Work Committee of Standardization 


              Pump Sub-Association 

              Blower & Fan Sub-Association

              Compressor Sub-Association

              Valve Sub-Association

              Gas Separation Plant Sub-Association

              Separation Machinery Sub-Association

              Vacuum Equipment Sub-Association

              Variable Speed Machinery Sub-Association

              Drying Equipment Sub-Association

              Gas Purification Equipment Sub-Association

              Energy Recovery Plant Sub-Association

              Cooling Equipment Sub-Association

              • Tel:010-88393520
              • Fax:010-88393529
              • Address:北京市西城區車公莊大街9號
              • Email:chenxi@cgmia.org.cn
              • WeChat

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