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              CMIF held the second session of the fourth council conference
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              In the evening of Jan. 28, 2015, China Machinery Industry Federation (hereinafter referred to as “CMIF”) held the second session of the  fourth council conference at Beijing Jingxi Hotel.


              Conference was presided by Mr. Wang Ruixiang, chairman of CMIF. There are over 130 councilman and councilman representatives attend the conference. Mr. Zhang Yubao, executive deputy chairman and secretary-general of CGMA attended the conference.


              Conference deliberated and approved and passed the followings: 1.agenda of the fourth session of the second council conference; 2. the motion on adjusting councilman of the fourth council; 3. the motion on adjusting deputy presidents of the fourth council; 4. 2014 dues revenue and expenditure report; 5. Membership development proposal; 6. branch office management procedures (trial implementation);7, representing agency management procedures (trial implementation).

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