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              Cooling equipment sub-association held the first session of the closed cooling tower standard sympos
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              On Jan. 16, 2015, cooling equipment sub-association of china general machinery industry association (CGMA) held the first session of the closed cooling tower standard symposium at CGMA’s conference room in Beijing. Mr. Zhang Yubao, executive deputy chairman and secretary-general of CGMA, Mr. Yin Zheng, secretary-general of cooling equipment sub-association of CGMA, Mr. Zhao Shunan, President of hydraulic research institute of China water resources & Hydropower Science Research Institute, Mr. Wu Xiaomin, Professor of Tsinghua University, Mr. Chen Liang, deputy professor of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Mr. Zhang Lixin , deputy professor of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology and representatives of key enterprises attended the symposium.


              During the symposium, secretary-general Zhang Yubao gave an important speech about importance of industry standards work and how general machinery industry implement the “quality” of the development under the new normal, interpreted industrial policies of the coal-electricity energy-saving upgrades and renovation plan of action (2014-2020) jointly issued by National development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of environmental protection, the National Energy Board and “Energy equipment going out ", made important statements  on the industrial work of the "Thirteen-Five" development planning guidance, hoping cooling equipment sub-association complete the standardization work, seize the "coal and electricity energy-saving emission reduction" and "energy equipment go out" marketing opportunities, industry development plan, leading the development of industry, achieving "quality" by leaps and bounds and growth.   


              Secretary-General Yin Zheng made a detailed introduction on enacting standard background and the necessity of closed type cooling tower standard. Participating expert discussed the details on standard name, and range, and products classification, and technology indicators and the technology requirements, and experiment method, and test rules. After detailed and seriously technology discussion, participating experts reached consensus on standard of important technology views, agreed established standard prepared group, and will as soon as possible carried out next work on enacting standard, promoting closed type cooling tower industry standard early to market, driving cooling equipment industry standardization work smoothly.


              There were eleven experts to attend the symposium, from Jiangsu Seagull Cooling Tower Company limited, Shanghai Jinri Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd., Luoyang Longhua Heat Energy Company Limited, Shanghai liangchi Cooling Equipment Limited, Guangzhou Lanxun Technology Development Company Limited, Zhejiang wanxiang Technology Co., Ltd., Wuxi fangzhou Fluid Technology Co. Ltd.

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